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We are researching to build an extremely low cost and simple way to find lead in your community. Join us and upload or record the needed data on our site or app, and find the lead.

Our Mission

To make the world a healthier and safer place with technology. We shouldn't have to chose economic gain or environmental safety. We strive to build technology that everyone with any budget can use to ensure their communities are safe.

Thank You to Our
Advisors & Mentors

Built for Communities and their People

Our Technology

We are building our technology to simulate real world scenarios in order to try and provide accurate and quick results about where lead is located based on the information you provide.

Simulations Run

Based on real world surveys and data from the field.

Data Processed

We use AWS to compute huge workloads.

Helping Find Lead

Results that aim to help find lead in communities.


See what people are saying

“Every family and child, regardless of their zip code, deserves to live without worrying about the life-long health effects from exposure to lead pollution”

Michael S. Regan - EPA Administrator

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